Let's make it really simple to run your Facebook Ads.

(and stop throwing your money at the wall.)

This easy to follow course will help you:

  • Understand targeting and how to set a budget. You'll also learn what all this jargon means!

  • Create ads that give the result you are looking for. No more boosting and then wondering if it worked or not.

  • Get clearer about the whole process. Get informed so you can stop doubting and starting reaching more new customers.

Facebook Ads can be so confusing and when your are investing in your business you want to get it right!

You don't have to figure it out on your own...


I'm going to be making this very simple and walking you through step by step. We are also going to cover the important ground work that will set you up for success.

Learn YOUR way

If you want to, you can give yourself a one day workshop and cram it all or you can work along with the email prompts so that you implement all the important steps gradually.

Bonus Content

This course will be added to with new, bonus modules over time so that it stays up to date. You can also access discounts on 1-1 sessions with me to get customised support.

What The Lessons Will Cover:


    Do the ground work that makes and breaks ads campaigns. 


    Understand how much to spend to get the results you want.


    I'll show you all of the important features of the back end #adsmanagerdemystified


    How to install the pixel and why. Then how to use it. 


    Learn how to understand your results so you can get better ROI next time. 

What you will get?

You will get immediate, lifetime access to the entire Facebook Ads Simplified eCourse via our easy to use eLearning platform. Once you pay, you will be immediately sent your log in details and the link to the eCourse log in page. You can get started right away AND you will get regular emails over the first week or so with the workbooks, videos and audios AND to support your learning process. The eLearning platform also houses all the workbooks, audios and videos for lifetime access or to cram it all today!

Get Instant Access to the Ecourse!

  • Easy to follow, easy to understand

  • Finally run ads and get results you want

  • Set up for simple ads and lay the ground work for more advanced ads

  • Get expert help with your ads

Compare this course to other courses and enjoy this comprehensive, easy to follow course at a great price.

I want to make it easy and I know how to do that. I have over 108,000 views on my YouTube channel because I know how to simplify seemingly complex processes and concepts.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why is it so affordable?

I love to help people succeed. It's my magic sauce to go into complex processes and come out victorious, but what good is that if others are suffering? I just want to share the love. But I must say, this price probably won't last. So grab it now. 

What if I get stuck and can't figure it out?

Does the price include my own ad spend?

No, you need to set up your Facebook ads account and pay for ads through your own profile. You can add me to your account and I can review them but you will be ready to take charge of your ads like a boss after this course.

What if I can't do the work on the days of the emails?


Feel free to book a free 15-minute chat with me to see if this is right for you.

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